Welcome to the official website of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet!


Article 1.

The events/performances of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet, in further text MOB, for which tickets could be bought online, are determined by placing the offered event/performances on the menu.

Online sale of tickets is terminated two hours prior to the scheduled performance.  

Article 2.

For tickets purchased online there is no discount. 

Article 3.

   The MOB accepts the following credit cards:

     - Visa classic

     - MasterCard

     - Maestro

     - Diners  

Article 4.

 Method of distribution:

Tickets purchased online and for which the purchaser has received an identity number (ID in further text) can be picked at the MOB Box Office during working hours and at the latest 30 minutes prior the scheduled performance by the presentation of the ID that was allocated during the online sale.

It is advisable to print, write down or remember the ID with information about the purchaser and the purchased ticket.

Cession of ID: if the final purchaser who bought the tickets decides to give his/her ID to some other person, the right to the ticket is given to the person who arrives first at the Box Office of the MOB and presents the identity number (ID) with the necessary data.  

Article 5.

 In case of cancellation of a performance/event:  
Refund for purchased ticket/s can be achieved only if the performance / event is canceled. The buyer must present the ID-code and required data.   In case of cancellation of the performance/event MOB can replace the ticket/s for another performance/event at the same price and by the choice of the buyer, or to refund the money in cash in the amount of the value of the ticket/s only if the purchaser provides in writing confirmation of the receipt of the money.

Article 6.

In case the purchaser of the ticket does not arrive at the performance, the MOB is not obliged to hold the unused ticket. MOB holds the right to keep 100% of the of the value of the ticket/s for which the purchaser already paid. 

Article 7.

Working hours of the MOB Box Office are determined by House Regulations and can be accessed through the Internet pages of the MOB. Monday – Saturday from 10.00 am – 8.30 pm, Sunday and holidays 10.00 am – 20.30 pm, only if performance /event is scheduled on that day. 


   The MOB is liable to guard the privacy of all purchasers. Only the necessary, basic data are being collected and used solely for the needs of ticket sales. All data on the purchasers is strongly guarded and are available only to the workers who use these data to process the necessary work.

 All workers of the MOB and its business partners are responsible for abiding to the principles of protecting privacy rights. 


Macedonian Opera and Ballet (MOB hereinafter) is extremely dedicated to the safety and reliability of their overall operations. The priority is the complete security of our customers who pay using their credit cards. The safety of purchasing/buying in MOB is guaranteed by the implementation of the best technical solutions and processes:  
All payment transactions from MOB are carried by the system of NLB Tutunska Banka, which are supported by Bankart, the largest and world leading company for credit transactions. Together with our partners worldwide they use the whole experience in this area to provide maximum security and confidentiality.  
The only institution which comes into contact with your financial data (credit card number) is our trusted partner NLB Tutunska Banka.  
Before entering the credit card number the buyer is redirected to the secure website of the bank, where he puts the credit card number and confirms the transaction. The data is stored in a warehouse bank with the highest criteria for safe operation.  

This Privacy Policy describes the types of personal data which are saved in the Macedonian Opera and Ballet (MOB hereinafter) and the way that personal data is collected and used.  
This Privacy Policy applies only to the website of the MOB, www.mob.com.mk and to all sub domains (if exist). If our web site provides links to other web pages MOB informs you that MOB does not take no liability in respect of protection of personal data that is provided by these web pages.  
With the access and registration as a Buyer on the website www.mob.com.mk The Buyer announces that is familiar and agrees with the content of our Privacy Policy.  
Data collection is carried out in accordance with the positive legal regulations in the country.  
We provide the collection of personal data only if they register as a buyer of our web site and collect only the information we have provided.  
The information we collect include: name and surname, e-mail address and telephone contact number.  
We do not collect any information of a financial nature as the number of cards and / or bank account number.  
Your transaction will be processed through the portal recovery of credit cards of NLB Tutunska Banka. The portal uses the latest technology to protect your data which allows the number of your card to be sent directly to the bank through a secure connection.  
We use your personal data in accordance with the positive legal regulations in the country.  
We will use your personal information only to provide you access to the web store to process and fulfill your order, to inform you about new products and services that we offer for our marketing purposes.  
We will not publish, sell or make available to third parties your personal information except to the competent national authorities in a manner and amount determined by the positive legislation of the Republic of Macedonia.  
Your personal information will be kept no longer than necessary to meet the objectives for which data are collected, after which they will be deleted from our system.  
Your username and password are main protection of your main account. Your username and password are unique and should not disclose to third parties. When creating your password, we recommend using a combination of numbers, letters and special characters. If your password is compromised or suspected or abused change it immediately and inform us.  
Parents and guardians have an obligation to inform their minor children about safe and responsible handling of personal data. Minors are not allowed to give personal information without permission from their parents or guardians. We will not knowingly collect or use personal data from minors.  
We undertake all necessary measures to protect your personal data to minimize risks of unauthorized access and prevent misuse. This Privacy Policy takes effect from January 2014.  
Changes in privacy policy will be published on the website of www.mob.com.mk at least 30 days before entering into force.